Hoogwater voorheen Laagwater


2015-01-28 - I went to Theater aan het Spui to see the play Hoogwater voorheen Laagwater (High Tide previously Low Tide) performed by musical theatre group Veenfabriek, written by Wim T. Schippers, who also played a role, and directed by Titus Muizelaar.
For those who don’t know Wim T. Schippers, he is a uomo universale who became famous with art performances and later with controversial television programmes like Hoepla and De Fred Haché Show. Among his many theatre plays the most discussed one is Going to the Dogs, in which the human actors are replaced by dogs.
Veenfabriek is a project lead by musician and actor Paul Koek.
The play consisted of puns and other word games and several attempts to make music. Some roles were hilarious. There was this doctor who took all texts literally, Titus Muizelaar as a village idiot who accidentally enters the theatre, and Wim himself, who for at least five horrific minutes practised his piano lessons on stage.
A sort of theme was the relationship of civilised man to nature.
Towards the end of the play a big choir filled the stage and sang the very Dutch classic song De Kleinste by Jan Pieter Heije.

published: 2015-06-24 21:07