The Great Mr. Blobby Quiz Game
  If you see the light, your answer must be right!

How to play the game
Click on one of the images and then on what you think is the matching text. If a flashing blob appears, your answer is correct. If not, blob again. You have half a minute to do this blob-a-job, starting from the first click on an image. Fasten your blob-belts and go!

Jim Davidson and Lea Kristensen from the Generation Game, in which Mr. Blobby starred. Mr. Blobby’s best friends. Zoe and Jamie were Live and Kicking when Mr. Blobby made his first appearance in the show.
Eucalypta, Mr. Blobby’s cook. They called Mr. Blobby “a weener with eyes”. Noel Edmunds introduced Mr. Blobby to the eyes of the world.
Emma and Steve were Mr. Blobby’s colleagues in the 7th series of Live and Kicking. Mara Venier did nothing with Mr. Blobby, whatever the tabloids may suggest. Home town of Mr. Blobby