Mr. Blobby blobbly presents the highblobs of his blob!
  Oh, dear Blob, look at that!

Young Blobby with his mom.   When Mr. Blobby was a baby blobby he travelled all around the world.
Click on the revolving Blobby below and you can see him on some of his adventurous journeys.

Mr. Blobby studied gynaecology at Canterbury.
  Mr. Blobby wins the micro-marathon of Crinkley Bottom. All twelve meters took him 27 minutes and 39 seconds. He stopped only twice to rest, but fell over five times.   Mr. Blobby’s memories. Click on the pic to see them.

Mr. Blobby practises safe blob.

Mr. Blobby sings “She blobs you, yeah, yeah” and “I wanna hold your blob” with the Blobbles.

Mr. Blobby cannot get in.

Mr. Blobby before advising the prime minister.   Mr. Blobby after advising the prime minister.
Mr. Blobby enters the room.

Mr. Blobby with Noel Edmunds.

Crinkley Bottom, the place to blob.

Mr. And Mrs. Blobby starting their honeymoon

Mr. Blobby plays Shakespeare...

A surprising carreer move, at his age, but...

...with so much success! The audience loved him!


The Greatest Song Evah!

Two fans who want to be Mr. Blobby and pretty much succeed too...

Mr. Blobby in the fitness centre...

Fans dancing on Mr. Blobby’s music

Mr. Blobby rocks!

Anthea Turner meets Mr. Blobby... Uh oh...

Mr. Blobby goes to New York.