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Hi, here is Mr. Blobby.

Some of you may think Mr. Blobby is a bit strange and even frightening. Well, those of you are so blobby well right.

Though Mr. Blobby is quite big himself (in fact he’s huge), he doesn’t like grown-ups. Mr. Blobby likes kids better, especially fried with some garlic and plenty of onions. Otherwise they taste awful. Just kidding of course! Blobby, blobby, blobby!

If you want to get to know Mr. Blobby better, watch the webcam on this page, and browse through the other pages of his site by clicking on the blue buttons. See his pictures and movies, listen to his sounds and find many other things of interest.

Also you can play the Mr. Blobby Quiz Game, which is not only entertaining, but will teach you the noble science of blobbology.

By clicking the green buttons you can read the illustrated web log of the creator of this site, let the poetry of Ernie Kotzebue bring tears to your eyes, enjoy the online magazine Reet and if that makes you feel sick, go to the doctors.

Just click on any of the buttons at the right side of this page and have fun!

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