Frequently Unanswered Questions
  What do people want to know about the Blobby site?
Dear Mr. Blobby, why did you start this webcam?
I wanted to lose weight.

What cam do you use?
A very special blobbycam. It needs to be operated by highly qualified engineers in suits. Here’s a picture of it:

When are you on line?

Do you ever show yourself naked?
Never! I don’t ever take off my bow tie. If you want to see full blobbal nudity, go to Purple Pussy or Beavers Galore.
  What is your sexual preference?
I like hamsters a lot. But only if they are shaved and wear pink garter-belts.

What are your hobbies?
I don’t have any hobbies, but all the more blobbies.

Can you help me set up my own webcam?
Of course. Just tell me where you live and what the number of your credit card is, and leave me alone with your hamster for five minutes.

In what way are you related to Ernie Kotzebue?
We owe each other money.

In what way are you related to The Frans?
Purely plutonic.

Why all these doctor jokes?
A good laugh is the best cure, though Robert Smith is not bad either.

When did you start the web-site?
Shortly after I invented the wheel. I then decided it was time for something else.

Finally, Mr. B., what are your favourite links?
You can find them under my Approved Sites.