Blobby Approved Certificate
  Mr. Blobby, please explain

What is the Blobby Approved Certificate?
The Blobby Approved Certificate indicates that a site has Mr. Blobby’s approval.

How can I get Mr. Blobby’s approval?
You can get Mr. Blobby’s approval by copying the code below and pasting it somewhere into your own web-site. Mr. Blobby will look at your site to decide whether it is blobby enough, and if so, he will put your site on the list of Blobby Approved Sites!

Why is Mr. Blobby doing this?
Because he likes to discover interesting sites. And he wants to become even more famous than he is already. And spread his blobbism all over the world.

Here’s the code:

Please enter your web-site’s URL, your e-mail address, and click on the Send button.