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Here’s the ever growing collection of Blobby Approved Sites (BAS).
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Mr. Blobby’s poor retarded cousins: Po, Lala, Dipsy and Tinky-Winky. Big hug!

Mr. Blobby’s friends Wallace and Gromit!

Here’s a crazy bird you should meet: Keepvogel. He has a dog too.

SpongeBob SquarePants
SpongeBob SquarePants, the only sponge that wears a pair of lucky underpants during the night

Eefje Wentelteefje. Love at first sight.

Artis de Partis
From the Amsterdam zoo: the one and only Artis de Partis!

Greg the Bunny
Greg the Bunny, half human, half rabbit. You can imagine why Mr. Blobby feels related to this guy.

Weebl looks a lot like Mr. Blobby, but he is slightly more eloquent.

Josh made a site devoted to Mr. Blobby! Bless this man!

Don’t kill yourself now, but MAN IS LIFE POINTLESS.

The owner of this site finally built a decent site. Next time make an indecent one, please.

Little Miss Shy, a beautiful model who loves Mr. Blobby

Tom’s Utterly Stupid Site, because stupidity rules!

Funny links. Hark, hark, hark! Blobby indeed!

A fascinating collection of parodies

Lautareasca, home made interpretations of exotic tunes (includes MP3 for downloading)

Het Verbond
The Union (society for the promotion of devotion to humour in general) (mostly Dutch)

Het Verbond
Here is an incredible web artist, to whom Mr. Blobby goes to confess his sins.

Ellie B., just a lovely girl or a soon to be discovered superstar?

Mrs. Moo, the Pink Boobah. No picture or description available yet, but her site looks promising.

Vegetarians all over the world unite!

The independent kingdom of Jamzinia

Petes WWE site, about wrestling

ryan's cat
Ryan’s madhouse, including Blobby Net.

Addictive Soul
Official Addictive Soul Website.

Robbie, a blobby artist

Almost as goodlooking and interesting as Mr. Blobby: First Lady of Cams, Corrie!

Anna, a fortunately not too blobby young lady

A dump a day. Harry S. Whole is a very proud boy.

A clever plan to separate your head from your body and send the head to the office, so the rest of you stays in a better shape

hand cut reeds
Riet op maat - hand cut reeds

Emma, who loves her fruit family

Savannah, a band from the small Suffolk town of Bury St. Edmunds. What a place!

DJ Jamie’s Jazzy Discos! Swing it out!

Random cheats for random games, very useful for all you gamers

Anastasia Bird, the princess who knows that pink rocks

Kapi Mana Rock ’n’ Roll Revival Club, pink and wild

Blobby Golf Games: what a winners!